Once a Cardinal, always a Cardinal

​Our Mission is to:

*Bring an intense focus on the baseball atrocities being committed against all Cincinnati Reds fans by the former St. Louis Cardinals (possibly current Cardinal), Walt Jocketty.  

*To question the baseball and financial acumen of former St. Louis Cardinals General Manager, Walt Jocketty. 

*To encourage Mr. Castellini to do what we would do if we owned the Cincinnati Reds-fire Walt Jocketty. 

As Inspired by Seinfeld, we are going to "Air our Grievences"

-Traded 25 year old Travis Wood (future All Star) for Sean Marshall (pitched 24 Innings and was paid $16.5 milion the past 3 years)

-Paid 3 relievers $14.5 million in 2013 and still had one of the worst bullpens in baseball 

-Paid Jack Hannahan $4.0 million last year

-Turned one of MLBs best bullpens into the worst bullpen in 2 years

-Signed Kevin Gregg, continue to pitch Kevin Gregg

-Signed every aging, former Cardinal possible

-Signed Homer Bailey to a contract Reds can't afford to pay for an average pitcher.

Fire Walt Jocketty

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